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Sea Tech 50



2013 METS Presentations

Last Updated (Friday, 25 October 2013 08:29)

Current: Resource Characterization 1 

Moderator: Brian Polagye, University of Washington, NNMREC


Global Ocean Current Energy Assessment: An Initial Look
James H. VanZwieten Jr., Alana E.S. Duerr, Gabriel M. Alsenasa, and Howard P. Hanson

Design Procedures for Marine Renewable Energy Foundations
Amir Rahim and Robert F. Stevens


Current:  Numerical Modeling
Moderator: Fotis Sotiropoulos, University of Minnesota, SAFL

Toward a Simulation-Based Approach for Optimizing MHK Turbine Arrays in Natural Waterways

Xiaolei Yang, Seokkoo Kang, and Fotis Sotiropoulos

Modelling a floating, multiple-rotor tidal energy converter using Tidal Bladed
Jarett Goldsmith, Stephen Way, and Mat Thomson

Experimental Investigations and Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Wakes behind Porous Disks
Heng Xiao, Ran Sui, and Thomas Rosgen


Current: Turbulence, Wakes, and Erosion
Moderator: Vincent Neary, SNL

Tidal turbulence spectra from a compliant mooring

Jim Thomson, Levi Kilcher, Brian Polagye, Marshall Richmond, Joe Talbert, Alex deKlerk, Maricarmen Guerra, Rodrigo Cienfuegos


Current: Technology Development
Moderator: Ryan Sun Chee Fore, U.S. DOE

 Hydrodynamic Design and Optimization of Hydro-kinetic Turbines using a Robust Design Method

Nitin Kolekar, Zhen Hu, Arindam Banerjee, and Xiaoping Du

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the DOE Reference Model 1 Horizontal Axis Hydrokinetic Turbine
Teymour Javaherchi, Nick Stelzenmuller, and Alberto Aliseda

Structural Optimization of Composite Blades for Wind and Hydrokinetic Turbines
Danny Sale, Alberto Aliseda, Michael Motley, and Ye Li


Current: General
Moderator: Jonathan Colby, Verdant Power

 Design, Simulation, Test and Cavitation Analysis of Micro Hydrokinetic Turbines / Arrays of Turbines

Alparslan Oztekin, W. Christopher Schleicher, Jacob Riglin, Zachary Kraybill, and Robert Klein Jr.

A Stepwise Approach Towards the Development and Full-Scale Testing of a Marine Hydrokinetic Turbine
Ralf Starzmann, Martin Baldus, Efim Groh, Nils Hirsch, Niels Lange, and Stefan Scholl

Current: Resource Characterization 2
Moderator: Howard Hanson, SNMREC

 Implications of Tidal Phasing for Power Generation at a Tidal Energy Site

Brian Polagye and Jim Thomson

A Numerical Assessment of the Renewable Hydrokinetic Energy Potential in Cook Inlet, Alaska
Lyon . J. Lanerolle, Christopher L. Paternostro, Gregory Dusek, Laurita S. Brown

High resolution modeling of tidal resources, extraction and interactions around the UK
Sébastien Bourban, Mark Liddiard, Simon Cheeseman, and Andrew Baldock


Current: Experimental
Moderator: Arnie Fontaine, Penn State ARL

 Cross-flow Turbine Performance and Wake Characterization

Brian Polagye, Robert Cavagnaro, Adam Niblick, Taylor Hall, Jim Thomson, and Alberto Aliseda

Augmenting Energy Extraction From Vortex Induced Vibration Using Roughness Strips
Ashwin Vinod, Amshumaan Kashyap, Arindam Banerjee, and Jonathan Kimball

A 1:8.7 Scale Water Tunnel Test of an Axial-Flow Water Turbine
Erick Johnson, Arnold A. Fontaine, Michael Jonson, Richard Meyer, William Straka, C. P. van Dam, Henry Shiu, and Matthew Barone

Abrasion Analysis of Critical Sliding Components of Hydrokinetic Devices: An Empirical Study
A. Bromaghin, M. Ali, T. Raven, J. Hoffman, and T. Petersen


Wave: Numerical Modeling 1
Moderator: Levi Kilcher, NREL

 Validation of Design and Planning Tools for Wave Energy Converters (WECs)

Joao Cruz, Ed Mackay, Michael Livingstone, and Ben Child

Ocean Wave Prediction from Noisy Sensor Measurements
Rick S Blum and Basel Alnajjab


Wave: Technology Development
Moderator: Daniel Laird, SNL

 Low-Cost Utility-Scale Wave Energy Enabled By Magnetostriction

Balakrishnan Nair, Rahul Shendure, Jesse Nachlas, Andrew Gill, Zachary Murphree, Jeffrey Cambell, Vinod Challa, Jim Thomson, Joe Talbert, Alex deKlerk, and Curtis Rusch

A Novel Wave Energy Converter Using Relative Motions between Buoy, Submerged buoy, and Inner Dynamic System
M. H. Kim and I.H. Cho


Wave: Numerical Modeling 2 and Resource Characterization
Moderator: Robert Paasch, Oregon State University

Combining Multi Body Dynamics and Potential Flow Simulation Methods to Model a Wave Energy Converter

Chris McComb and Michael Lawson

Wave Energy Testing Using the Ocean Sentinel Instrumentation Buoy
Sean Moran, Annette von Jouanne, Terry Lettenmaier, and Ean Amon


Supporting Research
Moderator: Brian Holmes, University College Cork, Hydraulics & Maritime Research Centre

On Design Load, Fatigue Life, and Sight-Specific Economic Valuation of Wave Energy Projects

Joannes Berque, Olivier Duperray, Pablo Ruiz-Minguela, Antonio Rico Rubio, Miren Sanchez Lara

Standardizing Cost and Performance Reporting for Marine and Hydrokinetic Technologies
Alison LaBonte, Patrick O’Connor, Cash Fitzpatrick, Ye Li, and Kathleen Hallett